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The Louisiana State Firemen's Association Tuition Reimbursement Program provides eligible applicants with tuition reimbursement for courses successfully completed while earning a degree or certificate in any field or major at any two (2) year or four (4) year program in a Louisiana State Junior College, Vocational Technical School or a Louisiana State College.  The amount of the award may not exceed $8,000.00 for a two year program and $16,000.00 for a four year program.

Applicants must serve two years with a volunteer fire department as a fire fighter or EMS first responder before the stipend will be paid.  This service can be concurrent with the formal education program or completed after graduation.

Applicants must obtain IFSAC FFI or NREMT-B during the first twelve months after notification of successful grant application.

Forward Educational Progress and Volunteer Status Affidavits must be submitted after completion of each semester.  (Note: See definition of probation in Grant Criteria portion of application.)

Applicants need to read the SAFER Grant Award Criteria on this web site or at the end of application before submitting application.

Application form and Eligibility Criteria

The LSFA tuition reimbursement program is a federally funded (FEMA) grant. This fact means that the accepted applicant and the LSFA MUST follow and adhere to requirements set forth in the grant award package.  The grant was written to recruit and retain volunteer fire fighters in the State of Louisiana.


Forward Educational Progress Report
This form should be completed by the applicant and signed by dean or registrar or faculty or administrator of the secondary educational institution attended by the applicant. If you are taking a break in education you must disclose and sign bottom of form.
A copy of transcripts may be attached as additional verification.

Forward Educational Progress form

Volunteer Status Affidavit

It is not necessary that you pay the expenses "out-of-pocket" in order to be reimbursed.  Original payment of the aforementioned expenses can be made with financial aid. Learn about financial aid resources available to you and to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid go to


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